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Helloooo [16 Jul 2007|11:06pm]

[ mood | tired ]

My Name is Amanda Elzey
I Graduated in 2006.
I was a cheerleader.
I did the general choir class and also concert choir.
I just re-joined LJ and im looking for my old friends
and some new ones. :-)
I also have a myspace.

Hows everyone been since we graduated?
..and how is parkside to those who still attend?

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[11 Sep 2005|05:08pm]

You guys will LOVE college when you get there.

PHS, and high school in general, looks so lame when you get to college.
You have no idea.

And anyone who takes themselves seriously in high school is very much deluded.
You will realize how pretentious and ridiculous most high schoolers are when you get here also.
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So... [30 Aug 2005|08:26pm]

[ mood | curious ]

...Who added me as a maintainer?

Doesn't really make much sense considering I was never actually involved at school back in the day.

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[30 Aug 2005|02:03pm]

welcome back
welcome back
welcome back welcome back

like the
welcome back kotter theme song
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[03 Aug 2005|08:36pm]

[ mood | erewerwerwerwerww.... ]

Wooohooo guys- 3 weeks to go!

Heavy sarcasm.

But I can't wait for drama to start & I miss you guys!

Ohhh...and this thing:

Name: Jocelyn Hensley
I graduated in 2007, hopefully.
I do anything band and drama.
Never use Nair hair remover. Just say no.

Okey dokey.

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[03 Aug 2005|08:33pm]

Wooohooo guys- 3 weeks to go!

Heavy sarcasm.

But I can't wait for drama to start & I miss you guys!
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mercy post [29 May 2005|02:13pm]

So what's going on over the summer everybody?
jobs, sloth, vacations
let make this community active
tell us what's going on...
(and yes i realize how gay that sounds)
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... [17 May 2005|10:31pm]

Joe Rentz Will Fries

If you will be joining these two idiots at Salisbury University in August, let us know.

...Though technically Will doesn't go to SU, he just hangs out there...

...Every freakin' day...
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Scene Day 2005 [14 May 2005|11:34pm]

Do you find guys who wear girls' pants ridiculous?
Do you find most talentless screamo mildly idiotic?
Do you ever wonder how Scene kids can take themselves so seriously?

Do you want to do something about it?

Well, now you can!

Thursday, May 19, 2005 will be "Scene Day!"
"We will be Scene, We will be seen" is the motto.

Guys- dress up in tight pants, tight trendy (or band) shirts, and trendy shoes (preferably black converse)!
Girls- dress up in contrasting colors, tight clothes, and jeans with the cuffs flipped up!
(Hoodies, converse, black, eyeliner, and girl's belts for guys are recommended but not required.)

This is a mild protest to the silliness of the Scene style (guys wearing girls clothes and the like), since most people who dress Scene are arrogant middle-class 17 year olds with very little, if anything at all, to complain about in life, who take out their "agony" on everyone else.

Dress up this Thursday in Scene attire.
If enough people do it, the Scene kids at (your) school will no longer feel superior to you for no good reason at all!

Copy this into your LiveJournal if you support this, even if you don't go through with it.

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[05 May 2005|12:30am]

[ mood | quizzical ]

where the hell is everyone and why the fuck wasnt I invited

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[26 Apr 2005|01:46pm]




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[18 Apr 2005|01:10pm]

i've been considering a back ground change
for the comunity
possibilitiesCollapse )
more suggestions are welcome
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HOW DRAMATIC [14 Apr 2005|02:05pm]


The Parkside Players Present...

Alice in Wonderland

Parkside High School
April 14 & 15, 7:00
$5 for adults
$3 for P-side students
$2 for children

.:. Be there or be square .:

 --------------(stolen from Jenny)

I here the set is amazong and there will be scantily clad people

(personally, i will be attending tomarrow night)


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[03 Apr 2005|06:14pm]

[ mood | so tired ]

..dunno about you all, but I want my hour back.

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Guitar Lessons [01 Apr 2005|01:55pm]

Guitar Lessons
To Any of those Aspiring Musicians out there
I give guitar lessons
If you would like to recieve lessons
 in an affordable and a comfortable setting
Please reply to this with your email address
My standard rate is $16 for 30 min and $23 an hour
I do give discounts but i wont mention the parameters of those here
Any Questions or Comments can be Directed to:
Willf6079 at Gmail.com

Thank You very Much
Comments Will Be Screened For Privacy
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[30 Mar 2005|10:13am]

[ mood | my stomach hurts ]

Intro to Business is hell (though an 'easy A' hell), so nobody take it.
or if you do take it
avoid the ghetto class.
I ALWAYS get stuck in the ghetto class. it's not fun. people are always about to get into gang fights in this class...

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[29 Mar 2005|12:19pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

this community is not very lively...
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yahooooooooowooooo [21 Mar 2005|02:41pm]

The Will Mixes are coming
The Will Mixes are coming
RSVP everyone
if you want one tell me
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[16 Mar 2005|01:41pm]

Are there any volunteers to be mods of this community?
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[13 Mar 2005|08:16pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Read more...Collapse )

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